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Passion. skill. commitment.
M-Safe ensures a safe working environment in healthcare.
Solution-oriented. Certainty.
M-Safe lets you practice your profession in a safe and hygienic way.
Reliable. Guarantee. Expertise.
M-Safe ensures that you can practice your hazardous profession without worries.

about M-safe

M-Safe offers you an extensive range of personal protective equipment (PPE), with reliability, quality and continuity as the most important core values.

In the development of our products, the focus is constantly on ensuring personal safety. Our products are produced with care and meet all certifications and legal PPE requirements and standards.



At M-Safe we love people and the work they do. Based on that philosophy, we strive to offer you only the best in PPE.



M-Safe has been active in the field of PPE for many years, which means that we have in-house specialist knowledge that we are happy to share with you.


Our specialists closely follow PPE product trends and innovations. They do this to create the safest working environment for you. Prevention is better than cure!


In the field of PPE, M-Safe offers a very extensive range of products that meet your needs and increase safety on your work floor.


M-Safe takes safe working within the medical sector to a higher level for both the practitioner and the patient. Whether it concerns mouth masks, disposable gloves, face shields or medical safety glasses. We provide a reliable supply, where we attach great importance to quality and certification aspects.
Safety must be number 1 in the building and construction sector. To keep the safety level for you and your employees at a continuously high level, choose the PPE from M-Safe. We act on top of our capabilities to offer you the best in safety equipment.
petrochemical industry
In the petrochemical industry it is almost impossible to exclude that you come into contact with chemicals. More than good protection is therefore necessary. This protection must also ensure that you are clearly visible to your surroundings in this often rugged environment. With its high-quality and reliable PPE, M-Safe ensures that you can perform your tasks in the safest possible way.
infrastructure & logistics
Hazards are constantly lurking within the infrastructure and logistics sector. Large vehicles and heavy objects make high visibility and protecting the body a top priority. M-Safe lets you choose from an extensive range of PPE that finds its application specifically in this industry.
In food processing, good hygiene is a top priority. Pathogens can cause a food infection or food poisoning. With the M-Safe PPE you prevent bacteria from entering the food and you are assured that you can work according to the established guidelines and protocols.

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